Natalis - Koncepcja Naturalnego Porodu
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The concept of Natural Childbirth

Developed in Switzerland

  • Natalis Set

    Natalis kit consists of three products. The kit includes: Natalis1, and natalis natalis Phyto Phyto HA. It is aimed for strong natural childbirth.

    Price: 313zł Brutto + free Shipping

  • Gel Natalis1

    Natalis1 Gel is a gel that creates a maternity slippery surface in the birth canal. Facilitates the process and shortens the duration of labor, as well as fertility and protects the vagina, pelvic floor and the genital organs of the mother. The product has been compared in Basel with the product DIANATAL.

    Price: 187zł Brutto + free Shipping

  • Fluid Natalis Phyto

    Phyto Natalis fluid is a liquid to massage the perineum before birth. Used to perform massage in order to prevent rupture of the perineum during childbirth. Massage is recommended to start 6-8 weeks before the scheduled date of delivery.

    Cena: 74zł Brutto + free Shipping

  • Gel Natalis Phyto HA

    Phyto Natalis HA gel is a gel used during vaginal childbirth. Nawliżenie and regeneration improves vaginal mucosa. Phyto Nartalis vaginal gel for use in the postnatal period should be taken once a day at bedtime.

    Cena: 84zł Brutto + free Shipping